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This Mummy Business is a blog about the difficult jobs of mummy, part time worker, part time mumpreneur, wife, friend, daughter and dog-owner, and all things in between. The stuff that fills up the cracks and completes the picture.

I have been running my own business selling breastfeeding clothes since my little boy was six months old. During those eight short years, the business has grown, developed and blossomed but real life has also crept in and a combination of my children needing me *more* as they get older and my outlook changing, means I also work in the real world too.

I took on a job as a part time book keeper to earn a bit of extra money, which has also blossomed in to working on the family Industrial Estate and helping out at a local PR firm  – who says being a mumpreneur is lucrative?! Our family has grown as well. My daughter came along in 2008 and our dog Flapjack completed the picture in 2011.

Life is busy, difficult and mostly fun but I am still fascinated about how other folk make their lives work…I constantly wonder if other people are using ready meals, hiring cleaners, farming out work and considering divorce just to keep everything moving. This blog will be sporadic, probably whiny, occasionally funny, but definitely honest and will cover all my main loves in life, food, family and fecking about.

Jump in, the water is lovely,


Mummy Looks Fab, Sussex Office Services, Mackley Industrial Estate, JBPR and Mummy to these two loonies


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