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Turmeric Milk

We have been gently switching across to raw ways of eating….when I say gently, I mean extremely gently.

Realistically we have managed one bit of concerted raw-ness a day and that starts with a smoothie. Usually something vegetable or fruit based and with as little fuss as possible.

I have been trying to extend this practice to the opposite end of the day and finish up with a comforting night time drink that is completely healthy. We’ve tried a few – de-tox teas, fennel based infusions, raw cacao hot chocolate. They have all been found wanting. Then we discovered turmeric milk.

It is simple and tastes amazing and leaves you feeling well inside and out. Turmeric is prized for its anti inflammatory and cancer prevention properties – read more about it here – mumsnothavingchemo.com, but the main reason we love it is it tastes like nothing else we have ever put in our mouths. In a good way.

Here’s our recipe but feel free to pimp…..

For two folk:

1) Pour two cups of almond milk / coconut milk in to a small pan and heat gently. Here’s our favourite one –Rude-Health

2) Peel and then grate a 2 inch fresh turmeric root in to the pan

3) Do the same with a one inch piece of fresh ginger.

4) Add a squirt of agave syrup

5) Add a heaped teaspoon of Lucuma powder.

6) Stir until it is a pleasing orangey yellow colour and the same temperature as the end of your little finger

7) Strain back in to the cup and enjoy!


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