A little something for the weekend….

Stuck for an idea for Mothers Day…?

Wondering what to do about your best friend’s “Special” Birthday…?

Why not try a Bra Lady Gift Voucher?

The beauty of our vouchers is they can be used for any style of bra from Sports to Maternity to Mastectomy and can be tailored to include as much or as little as you want to spend.

All packages include a fitting and at least one bra, and if you are looking for something really wonderful, why not give the gift of bespoke hand made lingerie from Lingerie Indiscrete ?

Gift Vouchers: 

Any amount from £10 up

These can be used towards a fitting, towards a bra if you are already a client, or towards accessories if you have the bra but really want the matching knickers as well!

Gift Packages: 

£40.00 – Personalised bra fitting plus one off the shelf bra from our extensive range – includes Hot Milk, Bravado, Royce, Carriwell, Cake, Lorna Drew, Womama and more.

Great present for someone that has had a life changing event (Pregnancy, Surgery, Weight Loss) and could use a bit of support (in more ways than one)

£80.00 -Personalised bra fitting plus one bra from our Lingerie Indiscrete  range.

Gorgeous hand made French Lingerie that is completely tailored to fit you and only you. Bespoke bras at high street prices. These make a wonderful gift for anyone that deserves a gorgeous hand made bra! They are also wonderful for people that experience issues getting off the shelf bras to fit – perhaps one breast is larger than the other, perhaps you are an unusual size or perhaps conventional bras just don’t sit right. These bras will be made from scratch based on your exact requirements.

£75.00 – Personalised bra fitting plus two off-the-shelf bras

£115.00 – Personalised bra fitting plus one bra and one pair of knickers form our Lingerie Indiscrete range

£150.00 – Personalised bra fitting plus two bespoke bras from Lingerie Indiscrete

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require a different version of the above or you would simply like to make sure your loved one is fitted properly and wearing a bra she loves – Contact me on sam@bralady.co.uk, or check out the bra lady home page for details of all of our fitters nationally.