How to be a bump fashionista

Suddenly finding yourself expanding on a weekly basis can be a bit overwhelming – then exciting – then a tiny bit depressing when you realise nothing fits anymore.

But, with a little careful planning, it can also be a lot of fun. Here are my own tips for how to rock your bump & embrace maternity fashion.

1. When you start to get bumpy, go through your wardrobe, bag up everything that doesn’t fit & put it somewhere safe. You won’t be wearing it for a while, and gazing lovingly at all your bump-unfriendly beauties as you’re expanding is just depressing! And be realistic – just because you can technically get into something, doesn’t mean it looks good – and keep in mind – you’re only going to get bigger!

2. As a rule, stuff worth keeping out for the duration includes: tunic tops, anything floaty & loose fitting, jersey dresses (they will hitch up at the front as your bump grows, but leggings are your friend – put a pair on underneath & pretty dresses become long bump-flattering tops.), longer length vest tops, anything elasticated.

3. Get yourself a bump band or two. Or three. I LOVE them. Basically, it’s like a boob tube for your belly, and wearing one means you can continue wearing non-maternity tops, letting the bump band fill the gap between the bottom of your top & the top of your bottoms ;)(They’re also really handy after the event – great for covering up the mummy tummy during breast feeding, and for a little extra support & confidence while you’re getting back in shape.)

4. When buying new stuff, be selective. Make a list of what you really need. A decent pair of jeans or two, some great mix & match work wear {I chose a skirt, a pair of trousers & a shift dress all in black, plus a selection of tops in bright colours}, 2 or 3 ‘going out’ tops or dresses & a few basic vests/tees should cover all eventualities.

5. Accessorise! If you’re struggling to find anything you like, get the absolute basics & pretty them up to your heart’s content. Your growing bump won’t have any effect on the fit of fabulous jewellery, scarves, brooches, hats & bags. Phew.

6. Don’t forget your boobs! As soon as they start to feel fuller/heavier, make sure you get properly fitted for a quality, comfortable maternity bra – you’ll be glad you did!

7. Most importantly, love your bump. Embrace it. There’s no point trying to hide or disguise it under big baggy ill-fitting clothes – that’s a sure-fire way to make yourself look ‘fat’, and to feel frumpy & fed up. Choose well fitting, belly skimming pieces, fabric that drapes & flatters your bump, and you’ll look & feel a million times better.

SMILE! Even if you’ve got miserable morning sickness & chronic backache, fake it! Keep telling yourself ‘only a few more months to go’, and focus on the fantastic little person growing inside rather than how you’re looking from the outside. Love your bump & you’ll look like a gorgeous blooming yummy mummy in the making. Because you are 🙂


Rocking your bump through winter….