Bra Lady Tweeting

I took part in a Twitter / Facebook Q+A session last night, hosted by T-J Hughes who has started the bra lady network. She trains people to high standards so they can fit people for bras in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Its a brilliant service if you have just had a baby / operation and need to stay in for a bit but desperately need a new bra, or simply don’t fancy elbowing your way through the masses with toddlers in tow to discover in a sweaty changing room with an unsympathetic fitter, that you are in fact three sizes larger than you expected. You can see the bralady network in all its glory on this website and we will make sure we keep our followers updated with news of the next Twitter Q+A. We used the #brafitter and helped a lot of people with bra related queries….and if I’m honest, some X Factor and pizza related ones as well – it was a Saturday night and we are only human.